Assistance in launching a business

We have experience in registering new companies and in effective support in compiling documentation necessary to run a business.

Back office and accounting services

Strategic consultancy for companies. We can provide both full and simplified accountancy services. We provide support in all administrative processes

Marketing and sales support services

We can acquire new business partners, both in Poland and abroad. We plan and implemented traditional and online marketing activities


Our company described in numbers

Opportunity to develop sales of products and services in Polish market0%
Opportunity to develop sale of products or services in other European Union countries0%

Realised investments in Poland


More than companies in our portfolio


Realised IT and marketing projects


Business activities

  1. Analysis of available funding sources, including the identification of the source that is most suitable for your company profile
  2. Registering a new company – both in the form of a natural and legal person. Finding the office, facility, land for investment
  3. Obtaining funds – EU grants, credits, leasing, registering in SEZ region, help in finding investors
  4. Assistance is producing documents – obtaining all necessary permits and decisions needed to launch a given type of business activity


We create careers and open new posibbilities for our clients

  1. Training and conferences – providing training/conference rooms for companies with all necessary equipment
  2. Comprehensive office management – phone and mail management. Organising and managing the meetings of Clients and contractors
  3. Comprehensive HR, payroll and accounting services – business consultancy, management of full and simplified bookkeeping, personal affairs
  4. Legal services, translations and IT consultancy – providing comprehensive support for business management, advise on management systems, homologation and product certification


We create careers and open new posibbilities for our clients

  1. Acquiring business partners – searching, analysing and evaluation of all potential partners, organising the meetings with contractors
  2. Planning and implementation of marketing actions – comprehensive development of marketing campaign plans
  3. Internet marketing – developing Client’s website and search engine positioning
  4. Marketing and information materials – designing company image tools and marketing and information materials (comprehensive visual identification)