Administrative processes


We help our Clients to accomplish their business objectives, both the ones that are strategic for company performance, and the statutory ones. We prepare financial analyses and obtain financial support for particular projects.

We know how much commitment is required to run the office on your own, therefore we offer to improve the performance of the office by managing them for our Clients. Our employees are experts with multidisciplinary skills who carry out even the most complex projects.

Our legal department takes care of Clients’ business, providing practical consultations of high quality on widely understood legal issues. Offer of management of the office and administrative processes for our Clients:

Providing address for registration purposes

Providing correspondence address

We present a unique opportunity for investors to access IFC’s superior track record in emerging markets, its unparalleled network of in-country presence and expertise.

Mail management

  • receiving mail, keeping an incoming mail log
  • scanning documents and forwarding them by email
  • management of sent correspondence, including keeping an outgoing mail log

Fax management

  • sharing fax number or providing individual fax number
  • management of incoming fax, keeping incoming correspondence log
  • forwarding the scans of incoming faxes by email
  • management of outgoing correspondence, including keeping a log of send fax messages

Telephone support

  • sharing phone number or providing individual phone number
  • receiving incoming calls and forwarding the information about contacts
  • full Call Centre services (marketing, debt collection)

Office management

  • providing office/ rooms
  • organizing and managing the meetings of Clients with their contractors
  • providing equipment (computers with software, tele and videoconference equipment, usual office equipment)

Training and conferences

  • providing training/ conferences rooms
  • providing equipment (computers with software, tele- and videoconference equipment, multimedia board, projectors beamers, visualizers)
  • comprehensive management of training sessions and conferences


  • translation of documents and letters
  • simultaneous interpretation (management of meetings and conferences
  • certified translations

Legal services

  • legal advice and consultations
  • preparing legal analyses and opinions
  • preparing documents and documents assessment
  • preparing pleadings, appeal documents, cassations appeals for individual proceedings
  • preparing pleadings, appeal documents, cassations appeals for individual proceedings
  • representing the Clients before all authorities and offices, general courts, administrative courts, etc.
  • comprehensive management of tax, economic, civil, criminal, and fiscal offences cases

IT services

  • consultations on selection of the most adequate IT solutions
  • management of infrastructure and IT web (capacity management, information security policy, backup)
  • user and user permission management (granting, modifying, suspending and withdrawing permissions)

Comprehensive OH&S services

Comprehensive services in the field of environmental law requirements

Finding and acquiring co-operators, representatives and employees, including management of recruitment process

Consultations in the area of management systems, homologation and product certification

  • adapting systems and companies to current standards
  • obtaining homologations and certificates required to introduce products to a given target market
  • advice on the process of introducing products to the market, including the advice on producer responsibilities (or responsibilities of the one that introduces the products)

Manager Assistant

  • keeping calendar and supervising the execution of schedules
  • assistance in personal affairs, also for the foreigners planning to stay in Poland for longer (finding the flat, cooperation with real estate agency, assistance in such issues as finding school and nursery, shopping, finding and getting medical attention, obtaining insurance, hiring a car, finding domestic help, etc.)