Need to constantly improve marketing and sale processes, require the entrepreneurs to constantly introduce innovative solutions within a company. Also, ever-changing market and clients that require quick access to information and products/services they search for, force the entrepreneurs to find new forms of marketing and sale support. This might include, for example, investing in paid advertisements and improving online visibility by increasing the position of company websites in leading search engines.

The activities of both the sales and the marketing departments must by cohesive and mutually supportive.

We have around 15 years of experience in supporting small and medium companies in this area. In this way we provide the companies with bases for efficient management of the company units responsible for innovations and development. Marketing and processes related to acquiring new contractors:

Acquiring new business partners in Poland and abroad

  • preparing databases with potential partners
  • analysis and assessment and potential business partners
  • organising meetings with contractors (booking meetings, hotels and conference halls, booking transport, leisure time management, etc.)

Preparing analyses of Polish and foreign markets

  • market research
  • marketing and statistical analyses
  • competition analysis

Planning and implementation of marketing actions

  • specifying target groups and preparing database with the addressees
  • establishing schedules and scenarios of marketing actions and implementing the actions

Call-Centre services

Internet marketing

  • preparing content for company website
  • design and development of websites
  • on-going maintenance and update of websites
  • analysis of web content in terms of expectations of target consumers and providing information on required optimisations
  • positioning the website on a given market – organic positioning (SEO)
  • positioning the website on a given market – paid advertising (AdWords)
  • promotion on social media (including Facebook, Google+), management of content and information about the users that visit company profiles

Marketing and information materials

  • analysis of company image in the context of cultural, social and political requirements of a given market and/or a given target group
  • designing image tools (logo, website layout, product packaging) in accordance with market requirements
  • preparing content of marketing materials for a given target group
  • design and development of marketing and information materials (files, folders, marketing templates for the purposes of internet campaigns)